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"Only Water Distillation is Scientifically Proven to remove 99.9% of tap water contaminates, including Fluoride and Aluminum."

14" Tall Countertop Water Distiller
Requires no installation or faucet connection!

14" Tall Counter Top Water Distiller, 1 Gallon Glass Carafe,
2 Coconut Charcoal Filters and an 8oz bottle of Distiller Cleaner Salts. 
"The Highest Quality Water Distiller you will ever find under $200 with Free Domestic USA Shipping!"
This white exterior Water Distiller sits right on the counter at just 14" tall and 7" wide and weighs just 8lbs.  No installation or faucet connection necessary, you just pour your tap water into the stainless steel boiling chamber and close the lid.  5 hours later your distiller will automatically turn off and you will have the cleanest tap water available, with 99.9% of the contaminates removed, including chlorine, fluoride, and aluminum!!  Easy to wipe clean with the water distiller cleaner salts included in your water distiller package, and small enough to store in the cupboard when not in use.  

"The most economical and affective way to achieve clean, healthful drinking water from your public tap water."

High quality and thoughtful construction ensures your water will never come into contact with anything but stainless steel and glass.  Most water distillers priced bet. $199 - $400 have a plastic boiling chamber, plastic internal dome and bottom, and polycarbonate carafe to collect the steam.  Plastic and polycarbonate bottles leach toxins into the water, especially when heated. This Premium Water Distiller has all stainless steel interior components, including boiling chamber, heating coils, dome and bottom.  It also comes with a Glass Carafe to collect the steam and store your distilled water, which normally retails for $50. Most water distiller companies fail to disclose what their interior components are comprised of, there is a reason for this!

"How is Distilled Water made?"

Distilled Water is made by heating water and collecting the steam, leaving sediment and contaminates behind.  Our water distiller uses full size stainless steel heating coils and a stainless steel boiling chamber, and the evaporated steam is collected in a glass carafe that can be used to store your water.  This distiller makes 1 gallon of water every 5 hours.

Is Distilled Water safe to drink?

Distillation is the only way to effectively clean public tap water.  If you have clean well water or a clean natural water aquifer, distillation is not necessary and you are truly blessed! The only issue with water distillation is that it removes all mineral content from the water, and minerals are vital to health. For this reason we recommend adding just one drop of Optimally Organic Fulvic Ionic Minerals to each gallon of distilled water.  This will restructure and re-mineralize your water, adding ancient plant and algae derived ionic macro minerals, 77 ionic trace minerals, electrolytes, and essential amino acids.

Water Distillation Removes 99.9% of the following elements commonly found in public tap water:
  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Pharmaceutical Drugs
  • Fluorosilicic Acid
  • Aluminum Sulphate
  • Calcium Hydroxide
  • Sodium Silicofluoride
  • Fluorine compounds
  • Trihalomethanes (THMs)
  • Hormones
  • Nitrates
  • Pesticides
Your Water Distiller Package for $195.99 Includes: 
  • Stainless Steel lined Boiling Chamber
  • Full Size Stainless Steel Distillation Coils
  • Stainless Steel interior Dome
  • Stainless steel interior bottom
  • Glass 1 Gallon Carafe
  • 2 Free Long-Life Coconut Charcoal Filters  ($26 Value)
  • Container of Distiller Cleaner ($20 Value)
  • Requires no installation or faucet connection 
  • Produces 1 gallon of Pure Distilled Water in just 5 hours
  • 14" Tall, 7" Wide (excluding the water collecting glass carafe)
  • 30 day Manufacturer's Warranty against defects
  • Owner's Manuel
  • Free Domestic USA Shipping!

The filters included with your order are long lasting, averaging 3 months each when making 2 gallons of distilled water every day. Our Water Distillers are sold as a package, so you receive everything you need to use and maintain your water distiller.  Replacement filters are also available for just $12.99 and new cleaner salts are available for just $15.99.

$195.99 includes Free Domestic Shipping!
International Shipping Rates Vary, Call or Email Us for Details.

Clean Water is a Scarce Commodity!"

Most tap water and bottled water is highly polluted, yet the majority of health conscious people are careless when it comes to their water. They use the drinking fountains at the gym, nearly useless carbon filters for their tap water at home, and drink carbon filtered water marketed as spring water in plastic containers. Ingesting polluted water creates toxicity in your muscles, organs, and brain.

If you think we are exaggerating, let's look at some figures: The average water quality of tap water in the USA is 600 parts per million of contaminants, with many cities even worse. The Environmental Protection Agency reported approx. 85% of tap water in America contains unhealthful contaminates. Over 55,000 regulated chemical dumps across the country continually leak unhealthful chemicals into our ground water. For these contaminates, water distillation is the only answer. There is even radioactive waste from rigorously regulated dumps leaking into our ground water, and this cannot be removed once contamination has taken place.  This is why we highly recommend our Fulvic Ionic Minerals as a daily health supplement; it is the strongest form of oral chelation and will remove radiation from the body, safely and gently!

There are more than 60,000 chemical contaminates that affect our water, and any given municipal water supply is likely to harbor at least 1,000 of them. The Office of Technology Assessment reported that out of 954 US cities, nearly 30% of their public water supplies were seriously contaminated. Water authorities do what they can, but the problem has spiraled out of control; the cost to make our tap water healthful enough to drink is simply too high.

What else is in tap water?

* Chlorine
* Fluoride
* Pharmaceutical Drugs
* Fluorosilicic acid
* Aluminum sulphate
* Calcium hydroxide
* Sodium silicofluoride
* Fluorine compounds
* Trihalomethanes (THMs)
* Hormones
* Nitrates
* Pesticides

  "Only Water Distillation is Scientifically Proven to Remove 99.9% of Tap Water Contaminates, including Fluoride and Aluminum!"

Our tap water is treated only to minimum standards using sedimentation, filtration, chemical conditioning, disinfection with chlorine, and small particles of toxic aluminum called aluminum osmosis. Toxic metals, industrial chemicals, pesticides, the toxic chemicals used in water treatment, and dead bacteria killed by the chlorine and aluminum are still in the water when it comes out of your tap! Chlorine is a carcinogen proven to cause liver and colorectal cancers among other health problems. Most chicken farmers have to de-chlorinate their water so their chickens will be healthier, heavier, and grow enough feathers to  live through the winter. Aluminum and Fluoride are common in public drinking water yet damage the brain and nervous system, causing Dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and Osteoporosis.

Bottled Water is often Worse than Tap Water!

 Most bottled water marketed as "spring water" is merely tap water put through minimum filtration to improve the taste. For those that actually do come from a spring, other concerns arise as many natural springs are now seriously polluted. The bottled water industry is not regulated by the FDA, it is a completely self-regulated industry relying upon the honor code! Because tap water has quality standards and regulations, it is often far better than most unregulated bottled water. Remember the Perrier disaster, when they had to recall 72 million bottles of water because traces of Benzene were discovered?  Many companies use Benzene in addition to other solvent hydrocarbons to clean their bottling equipment on a daily basis. The FDA does not currently require water companies to test their bottled water for Benzene, solvents, feces, heavy metals, or bacteria.  And don't forget the carcinogenic dioxins released into water when bottled in plastic.

"Fluoride in your public tap water? Tap Water

Most public drinking water has added fluoride.  Fluoride is a byproduct of nuclear waste/fertilizer production and is extremely poisonous. While the fluoride levels in tap water may not immediately make you feel ill or kill you right away, ingesting it on a regular basis will, over time, negatively impact your health, particularly your brain.  Studies show that ingesting fluoride has a numbing affect on the brain, making a person complacent.  Water Distillation removes 99.9% of fluoride from drinking water.

"How does your current filtration system measure up when it comes to removing brain damaging Fluoride and Aluminum?"

Carbon Filters are often used to clean tap water and include water filter pitchers and common refrigerator filters.  Although they successfully remove chlorine, they fail to remove any fluoride or aluminum content; these molecules are simply too small for carbon filtration.

Water Ionizers do not claim to filter or clean water, nor do they.  They merely attempt to change the electrical charge of the sediment/solids contained in the water. Water ionizers do not remove any fluoride or aluminum content (nor any other contaminate) from water.

Multi-Stage Filtration Systems with activated alumina and ion exchanging Aluminum and Fluoride filters (including the Pre-Filtration systems one can purchase as an addition to a water ionizer) are extremely costly and, according to their manufacturers, will remove only 70-90% of these brain damaging elements.  There are also great risks to using these filtration systems due to far too common 'filter overload'.  Once a filter becomes overloaded it ceases to filter fluoride or aluminum and begins to dump high levels of these elements that have saturated the overloaded filters right back into the water!!!  To avoid filter overload, manufacturers recommend changing these filters AT LEAST every 3 months, yet the cost of these replacement filters average $150 per filter!

Reverse osmosis removes just 90% of fluoride and aluminum from tap water, and costs thousands of dollars!

Water Distillation is highly cost effective and Scientifically Proven to remove 99.9% of brain damaging Fluoride and Aluminum from contaminated public tap water!!

14" Tall Countertop Water Distiller Package for $195.99
Requires no installation or faucet connection!

14" Tall Counter Top Water Distiller, 1 Gallon Glass Carafe,
2 Coconut Charcoal Filters and an 8oz bottle of Distiller Cleaner Salts!! 

$195.99 includes free domestic shipping!
International Shipping Rates Vary, Call or Email Us for Details.

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